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Hate Crime is Only Funny When Its About Women

It’s not been a great few weeks to be a woman. Against the backdrop of recent allegations of sexual misconduct in politics and a thoroughly sexist Oscars ceremony, Twitter was all a flutter last night as it discovered t-shirts being sold through Amazon with the slogan ‘Keep

Feminism is no longer a voice in the wilderness

Rosamund Urwin writes about feminism in the London Evening Standard on the 15th Nov, concluding that its not that lonely being a feminist these days. I have to agree. It feels like there is a lot of energy around for getting things done and making the world better for women. Feminism

Women Infographic: Women @Work

I was sent this lovely image today, showing stats of women in work etc. Enjoy! Here is the original blog post. (http://onlinemba.unc.edu/mba-at-unc-blog/women-at-work-infographic/) Featured By: C&S Safety Videos  

The UK doesn’t need a Minster for Women

This is another old post, as a test Theresa May, as UK Home Secretary, has one of the most important jobs in government. Many grand men have held the post before her, however, by virtue of her being born female she also has another role, Minister for