Sending the ‘No women bishops, no seats in the House of Lords’ petition on to friends by email

Thank you for supporting the petition to ask government to ensure there are no legislative seats in the UK House of Lords for men only. The petition has reached over 5,300 signatures in under 48 hours. When it gets to 10,000 the Government will respond and when it hits 100,000, they will discuss the issue in the Commons. We need to keep the momentum up.

Please sign the petition and then send an email to 5 friends, asking them to sign it too. Here is some explanatory text to make life a bit easier. Just copy and paste.


“On November 20th 2012 the Church of England voted not to allow women to be Bishops. This is disappointing for the women and the Church but is it relevant to you? Actually, yes it is because of the House of Lords. Bishops are given seats in the House of Lords, from which they pass laws that affect you and I. Having voted against women Bishops they have ensured that these seats are for men only.

In 2012 it’s a scandal that there should be seats reserved in Parliament for men only. If there are no women bishops, there should be no automatic seats for Bishops in the House of Lords. Please sign the petition to ask the government to apply Equality Law to the Church of England in the Lords.

“We call on the Govt to remove the right of the Church of England to have automatic seats in the House of Lords, in line with its commitments to equality and non-discrimination, set out in the Equality Act (2010) and the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (1979)”

Help make Britain more equal and have better representation for women.”


The British Humanist Association has reignited its campaign ‘Holy Redundant’ which helps you write to your MP about the issue. Please take take that action too.

Write to your MP

Thank you for keeping this going.

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